Welcome to “Roundhouse Birding”, my new site and domain name as of September 9, 2020. I’ve been blogging on “Birdingjacksonville.com” for the last 6 or 7 years, and as I’ve transitioned from living in Jacksonville, Florida, to Scottsdale, Arizona (a stone’s throw from Carefree, AZ), it’s time to establish a new domain.

The “birdingjacksonville.com” site is still active, and really needs to be preserved since it’s a robust history of Duval County, Florida. That site contains over 400 well-researched annotated species accounts, location information, and years of local birding entries and updates. I’ve been corrupting it lately with new adventures heading west, and it’s time to transition and leave the Duval site alone.

The first requirement was choosing a new domain name, and I wanted to avoid “Birding Scottsdale” or anything similar that would put a boundary on the location. I then struggled with whether it was “just birding”, or if I’d start moving more into other natural wonders. I decided that birding is the primary focus and number one passion, but of course this will include a broader focus.

My wife Marie and I moved into a “round house” where all of the main living areas have rounded walls and ceilings, and we had begun to refer to it as “Roundhouse”. Thus, the Roundhouse Birding team was established, effective August 2020. Makes for a logical domain name!