Prescott, AZ. Lynx and Watson Lakes. 7 Nov 2020.

On Saturday,  November 7th, we headed up to Prescott to do a little hiking and visit downtown. I hit these two locations years ago on a trip out here and have always wanted to revisit them with Marie. Lynx Lake is 85 miles (90 minutes drive)  from Roundhouse, and costs $5 to visit.  We arrived around 9 am and proceeded to hike the lake loop trail.

It was chilly, in the 50’s, and very very windy. Bird species were relatively few,  but we did see some good stuff like an adult Bald Eagle, several Acorn Woodpeckers,  Dark-eyed Juncos, and Western Bluebirds. We also saw this Townsend’s Solitaire (below).

The lake loop trail is around 3.3 miles, and is a pretty easy hike. Along the way you’ll follow the trail through several little coves…we saw two mule deer at the edge of this one. We saw an Abert’s Squirrel along another – unfortunately I didn’t manage a picture,  but what a spectacular creature!

Near the boat ramp,  we saw alot of ducks and this Snow Goose.

Below you can see a tree along the route that has been riddled with Acorn Woodpecker holes. This is a work of art!

Next,  we visited the otherworldly Watson Lake, about 12 minutes away.  The fee to enter here is just three bucks.

Watson Lake is lunar in its landscape,  and on this day the wind was howling so strong it made it difficult to stand on any of the higher rocks. We were scanning the area around the boat ramp,  looking at Western Grebes, Ruddy Ducks, and Bufflehead, when an extremely rare Long-tailed Duck swam into view! Unfortunately I didn’t manage any shots decent enough to share,  but I was very pleased to notch a state rarity that I actually found myself. 🙂

After Watson,  we ventured downtown to historic Prescott, where we checked our phones and learned we had a new President. We were having lunch at the historic Palace Saloon, which is supposedly the oldest continuously operated saloon in the United States.  As you can see on the menu below,  they offer Pappy Van Winkle…I was tempted to drop a hundred bucks to celebrate a wonderful day and great bird (duck).

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