Tom’s Thumb Trail. Scottsdale. 3 Oct 2020

Tom’s Thumb Trail is 27 minutes (15 miles) from Roundhouse.

On Saturday, October 3rd, we decided to go for a hike in the morning before running some local errands. We decided on Tom’s Thumb Trailhead since it was fairly close to home and we could get some great exercise with the elevations. There is plenty of free parking and the view above is from the parking lot.

Above, you can see the profile of the range. The trail was fairly populated, but there was mostly plenty of room between hikers. Along the first several hundred yards the only birds I saw were Curve-billed Thrashers.

As we started to gain elevation, I saw a number of Black-throated Sparrows and a few Canyon Towhees. Above is a picture of Marie at one of the vistas. The parking lot and ramada is back in the distance.

All the vistas are named after birds, like the Harris’s Hawk one below.

Below, you can see the “thumb” we’re hiking to.

The hike is often up and down to get you through some canyons, but it’s not incredibly difficult. I had my Keen hiking sandals, Osprey 10L pack with 2.5L water bladder, my Swaros, the Nikon, and didn’t feel too weighted down or ill prepared.

Below is a view facing southwest towards Phoenix. You can see dozens of miles even through the haze, and actually see downtown Phoenix and South Mountain Range.

The views above and below are as we “summitted” Tom’s Thumb. We gained about 1,200 feet from the parking lot over nearly 3 miles.

Below is a view looking northwest from the summit.

Prairie Falcons nest here at the top of the Thumb, and although it’s not nesting season we saw one flying around, either with or chasing, an American Kestrel.

The hike down was kind of rough on the old knees. We could probably benefit from investing in trekking poles.

After an arduous climb and the elevation gain, what better beer to celebrate with?

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