Roundhouse Lovebirds!

Another week of work, and more work, (my job and work around the house) is in the books. We’re making progress moving in, but it’s slow and there’s a long way to go. The backyard excitement this week was seeing Rosy-faced Lovebirds at the feeders twice this week. A pair came by two mornings in a row around 6AM and on the second morning I was prepared with the camera. The image above was shot through the kitchen window. Phoenix / Scottsdale has one of the only “countable” populations of the species in the U.S., and I recall purposefully looking for them years ago at Encanto Park to get “the tick”. Now, I can tick them leisurely while getting coffee. : )

The Gilas and Gilded Flickers continue to hog the hummingbird feeders, although we do have several Anna’s that stakeout and defend the feeders I have placed around the yard. I’ve seen three hummingbird species (Anna’s, Costa’s, and Rufous) here at the Roundhouse, and am hoping for more. I like the image above, as it shows the interesting way woodpeckers will use the “tail prop” to achieve their goal.

The Curve-billed Thrashers are really taking to the fruit I started offering this week. I got an oriole feeder off Amazon and put grape jelly in the dish and an orange or apple on the posts. It took two days for them to test the jelly, and now they can’t get enough. The hummingbirds hit it as well as the woodpeckers. All of them simply bludgeon the fruit.

Above is the feeder, the apple got knocked to the ground, and when it did, several quail started hammering away at it too. I had read that roadrunners would eat fruit that’s offered low to the ground, so am going to try that next.

Speaking earlier of excitement, how could I forget the beautiful large Western Diamondback I came across on the street near the house?! I haven’t seen a rattlesnake in years, as they’re declining tragically in northeast Florida. I didn’t realize Westerns had that gorgeous black and white business on the tail near the rattlers. Bad cell phone image above.

The Costa’s perch on the yucca and in the mesquite trees, I captured the one above this morning.

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